The Most Important Upgrades When Renovating a Kitchen

It is no secret that home improvements are the key to selling your home and obtaining the best value for it. Choosing the right improvements is key to getting the most out of your real estate sale. The cost to renovate is quite expensive so what area of the house does one focus on? The answer is…the kitchen. The kitchen is the main attraction to any home. In fact, most new homebuyers do not want to get a subpar kitchen as they themselves would have to spend lots of money to renovate it. It is probably the most expensive room to renovate and requires the most detail. In this article, we will outline the most important upgrades when renovating a kitchen.

Countertops Speak Volumes About the Kitchen

The countertop is the centerpiece of every kitchen upgrade. There are many types of material to choose from such as: wood, granite, quartz, marble and even recycled glass! The preferred choices are granite and marble due to the variety and ease of installation. Although costlier than wood or laminate, they are stronger material and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. As I have experienced, wood laminate will peel along the borders as they age but granite and marble still appear intact after many years. If you cannot afford granite or marble, find a wood laminate that is darker in appearance as spills can cause staining of the wood which are noticeable. Also, depending on the size of the kitchen, renovators should always consider adding a median island counter at the center of the kitchen.

Cabinet style that compliments the Countertop is Key

A durable and stylish cabinet selection will add value to the kitchen. Some of the more popular styles are the see-thru glass door or shaker-style cabinets. Color also plays a big part in this selection as it should compliment the countertops in a way to blend with the rest of the kitchen. Some other popular ideas that are emerging include the use of under cabinet lighting which adds spice to any kitchen décor. The barest of details are also critical to cabinet selection. This could include selecting the right handles and knobs or deciding to have open shelving. As you can tell, there are a lot of considerations when selecting the kitchen cabinet.

The Cherry on Top: Kitchen Appliances

The selection of kitchen appliances is the last major component in renovating the kitchen. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher and microwave oven. There are different styles of appliances but the two main ones are stainless steel and traditional matte color. Some of the trending styles include retro–style and glossy-style appliances. Ensure that the brands of the appliances are reputable. Other considerations include: bottom freezer versus side-to-side refrigerators or selection of the stovetops such as electric coil or induction.

If you consider the above upgrades to any kitchen renovation, you will not have any problems selling your home in any market.

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