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Giving the good doctor a taste of his own medicine...


Doctors swear an oath to do no harm. Unfortunately, Hippocrates said nothing about harm coming unto the doctor. Let us count the ways the doc's been socked...

Episode Whack Ouch Rating
102. Death to the Queen    
103. Honor Thy Father    
104. Vengeance Shot at with a crossbow by a vengeful assassin.
  Startled in Montoya's library by the Queen.
  Rolled down a rocky hillside.
  Jumped off a cliff (and landed on the Queen).
  Forced into a swordfight with the assassin.
105. Fever Saddle sore because Peter didn't know how to ride a horse correctly. (Just speculation because Peter had a different walk than usual in this episode...)
  Knocked out by one of Montoya's soldiers who then steals Helm's medicine.
  Nearly got blown up with his office.
  Held at gunpoint by Grisham after following him to a mine in order to retrieve stolen medicine.
112. The Serpent Held at gunpoint by the lackey of bandit El Serpiente.
  Blindfolded by the lackey of El Serpiente.
  Had a gun barrel pressed to his throat by El Serpiente.
  Punched in the jaw by El Serpiente. (Special hazard recognition for Peter because he really did get punched!)
  Almost beheaded by El Serpiente.
  Forced to climb a cliff to get away from El Serpiente.
  Slammed against a wall by El Serpiente.
  Defenestrated (thrown out a window) by El Serpiente.
  Been in a knife fight with El Serpiente.
113. The Pretender Whacked on the head with a pistol by Grisham.
  Got in a fistfight with Grisham and just as Helm started to win he was...
  ... whacked on the head with a sword by Montoya.
118. The Dragon Socked, thrown and slammed into a wall by a girl! Manages to get up long enough to tell her he's the doctor not an enemy, then faints again.
119. Runaways Knocked to the deck of a boat then, while still reeling from that blow...
  ... thrown over the side of the boat and left to drown.
  Got in a fistfight with ex-fiancée's husband Capt. Wentworth.
122. Betrayed Had a knife put to his throat by Grisham.
  Got in a fistfight with Grisham (again).
  Head-butted by Grisham.
  Thrown in jail by Montoya.

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