"Boxers or briefs?"
— Peter Wingfield on Gabereau Live, 4 Feb 1999

Wingfield Dr Helm

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Yahoo/TV Gen
Gabereau Live

Not content with convention Q&As, below Peter subjects himself to further grillings from fans on the Internet and a professional interviewer...

Peter on Gabereau Live!

CompuServe, 9 March 1997

Yahoo/TV Gen, 12 August 1998

Gabereau Live, CTV (Canada), 4 February 1999

Official Paul Johansson Fan Club, 2 May 2001
Cheer as Peter talks about how he would love, love, love to star in a Methos series! Laugh at how Peter got the scar on his nose! Wail as Peter talks about missing out on a role with a nude scene! This is an external link — click on the Fan Club Archives link to get to the chat transcript page.

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