"They are warm, loving and caring people"
— Peter Wingfield in the Vancouver Province, 25 Nov 1998

Wingfield Dr Helm

c r e d i t s


This website could not have developed and grown so much without lots of help from fans who have graciously shared what they know about Peter. Here are some of the folks who provided pictures and text, shared videos, identified errors, and answered pesky questions.

The Usual Suspects

Sharon L (me!)

Bio, Radio, and Video Researcher & Obscure Fact-Finder
Lorraine Frank

Video Researcher
Abby Cronin

Print Researcher
Jana Hoffman

Peter's school records research
Trick Cyclist

Ondine research & Queen of Swords screen captures
Emmanuelle Tesseron

Partners in Crime

Syndicon Photographer
Dianne Smith

Stella Artois info & Flemish translation
Vicki Dedrick

Game of Love and Chance photo retouching

Screen captures
Angela Harris

And also...
Cindy Breault
Lorna Breshears
Shelly Winter


For more links to specific info on Peter's works, see the relevant page in the Works section.

Peter Wingfield Fan Club (PWFC)
Sanctioned by Peter Wingfield. Includes biographical information, info on fan club activities, and merchandise available for sale (including a pin-up calendar!).

Sim City
A virtual world where the many characters Peter has played all interact with each other. Some of the wonderfully obscure info on Peter's roles came from here.

Methosluvr's Methos Page
The screen captures from Men's Room, Soldier Soldier and Noah's Ark originated here. Also at this site are screen captures and sounds from "Comes a Horseman," "Revelation 6:8," "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" and "The Modern Prometheus."

The picture of Peter's quickening at the Highlander: The Celebration con originated here.

Debra Ogier's homepage
Pictures of Peter at Down Under Con originated here.

Carmel's Highlander Page
The transcript for the second Syndicon group panel originated here. Mainly a Duncan MacLeod/Adrian Paul site, this page also has a large Syndicon '97 report, including info on Donna Lettow and Gillian Horvath's panels and Carmel's personal memories of the con.

Dail's Fandoms!
Some Syndicon pics originated here. Also at this site are Highlander fanfic and pictures from Crescent City Con in August '97 and the San Francisco X-Files Expo.

Queen of Swords photos are from Read the disclaimer. Comments? Sign the guestbook. Contact the webmaster. Break out of frames.