"We live violent lives, MacLeod. Some of that's bound to stay with us."
— Peter Wingfield as Methos

Wingfield Dr Helm

g a l l e r y


Highlander: Endgame

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Endgame - Trailer 3

This is the official theater trailer (the other two were prepared for showing at conventions). It's almost identical to the second trailer in content. The most notable difference is that Adrian Paul now has first billing instead of Christopher Lambert. It also looks like this trailer was sent through a red filter — the colors are more saturated, giving the images a warmer, richer look. Trailer 2 is positively blue by comparison. So if you're saving screencaps, save the versions on this page instead of the identical ones in trailer 2. Click on an image to see the full-size version. Emmanuelle made a downloadable MP3 of the trailer soundtrack (565 KB) and a WAV of Methos' line (52 KB). The entire QuickTime trailer can be downloaded at Apple's website.

For centuries...

Immortals have moved silently among us...

Knowing that in the end there could be only one...

But now, in this world, in this time...

Kell: I don't care about the Game...

Kell: I don't care about the rules.

A supernatural enemy...

Has grown too strong...

For any Immortal...

To face alone.

Connor: He surrounded himself by Immortals loyal only to him.

Methos: There has never been a more powerful Immortal.

Faith: Fear the worst.

What has always been a fight for one...

Connor: Neither one of us can beat him alone.

Has now become a battle two must face...

Man: You and Connor are like brothers.





Connor: One of us has to die now, and you know it.

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