"Kind of weird stuff"
— Peter Wingfield on Gabereau Live, 4 Feb 1999

Wingfield Dr Helm

m i s c e l l a n y


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Boxers or briefs?
Playing doctor
Favorite things
Speaking Welsh
Wearing a watch
Con wardrobe
Meaning of name

Since no detail about Peter is too small to be marveled at, here are some truly trivial bits and other musings that don't fit anywhere else...

But first, here are the answers to some oft-wondered questions:

Vital stats, please

Peter has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Peter says he is six feet tall. The British actors' directory Spotlight listed Peter first as 5'11" then later as 6'.

What's on that ring?

That big silver ring Peter wears has the words "love," "truth" and "trust" engraved on it.

Some more things that make fans go hmmm:

Boxers or briefs?

Just how many times has Peter played a doctor anyway?

What are some of Peter's favorite things?

Does Peter speak Welsh?

How does Peter wear his watch?

What's Peter's convention wardrobe?

Can Peter dance?

What does Peter's name mean?

What does Peter's astrological sign (Virgo) say about him?

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