"I don't have great career plans"
— Peter Wingfield, Anglicon 1997

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That's Cold FEET not Cold SQUAD!

13 March 2000Cold Feet was cancelled before the second episode with Peter (the one where he had a more substantial role) aired. The TV Guide synopses for Peter's episodes are:

"The Strange Loves Of Shelley Bumstead"
Adam backs out of moving in with Shelley after he uncovers that she already has someone to live with — her husband (Gary Dourdan). Meanwhile, Karen rewrites the book of love after developing a crush on a self-help author she's editing.

Shelley fears Karen won't be able to help herself once she's off on her intimate business trip with her sexy self-help author (Peter Wingfield).

On the Highlander cruise last November, Peter described the plot in more detail. He said that Karen is infatuated with Conrad Gordon (his character) and can't see that he has no interest in her. She tries to seduce him. He sleeps with another woman instead, hiding her in the closet when Karen enters the room. The plot descends into a farce with a lot of confusion and running about.

UPDATED 9 October 1999 — Peter will be guest starring in two episodes of the new NBC series, Cold Feet, airing on Fridays at 10 pm EST beginning September 24. In Canada, the series airs Thursdays at 10 pm EST on the Wic network (ONtv in Ontario).

Peter plays the author of a bestseller on how to have a successful marriage. Peter says his character is "a bounder and a cad" and may be in more episodes if the series isn't cancelled. Peter's episodes have yet to air but a recent "upcoming episode" preview featured a tantalizing glimpse of what's in store — shower scene anyone?!

Cold Feet is based on the British series of the same name. The series started shooting in Vancouver (which is standing in for Seattle, Washington) on July 26 and, barring cancellation, will be shooting until December 23, 1999. So it looks like Peter is back in Canada for a while!

Highlander movie news (and rumors)

27 September 1999 — Jim Byrnes is confirmed to be reprising his role as Joe Dawson in Highlander: World Without End, which will start shooting on October 18 in Romania. Filming will continue to December 23. If Joe is in the movie, hopefully we'll see an announcement about Methos appearing soon!

Updated 4 September 1999 — News about the Highlander IV movie from the Official Highlander Site:

Rumor also has it that the film starring Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert will start shooting in October, 1999, with locations in Ireland, Isle of Man, Paris, New York and Toronto.

And this just in...

It seems that Methos might have a role in the movie, as well.

Just to add fuel to the rumors, a recent issue of Starlog magazine featured a blurb about the Highlander: World Without End and listed Peter in the credits after Adrian and Christopher! And current issue of DreamWatch (#59) has this to say:

... Originally set to be subtitled The Search For Connor, the film fell foul of an internal creative dispute. Star Adrian Paul reported that while producers William N. Panzer and Peter S. Davis envisaged a film brimming with adventure and romance, Miramax favoured a dark thriller. While casting has not been confirmed, recent reports suggest that Adrian Paul's TV co-star Peter Wingfield may reprise his popular role as the oldest Immortal, Methos.

Cold Squad logo

Cold comfort

13 September 1999 — A recent TV ad for the new season of Cold Squad features a clip of a scene between Inspector Simon Ross and lead character Ali McCormick, so Peter will be returning for at least one more episode as Inspector Ross.

Cold shoulder

Updated 2 September 1999Cold Squad has undergone a drastic revamping, ostensibly to bring in a younger audience (of males, of course), and help sell the show into US syndication. An article in the Toronto Sun, 26 May 1999, implied that Peter will be returning for only the first two episodes of third season, which will wrap up his romance with Ali and provide an exit for his character, Inspector Simon Ross.

Cold Squad Down Under

May 1999Cold Squad premiered in Australia on Sunday, May 16, on Fox 8 (Foxtel) at 10:15 pm.

Extra ACCESS con videos available

Updated 2 September 1999 — The ACCESS "con memories" videos made for attending and supporting members have been mailed. Apparently there are 20 extra copies so Virago (the group that put on the con) are selling another 20 supporting memberships which includes the con program book, con badge and other goodies in addition to the video. If you missed out the first time, send an e-mail to to check for availability.

Running on empty

July 1999 — Though he talked about being in training at the Chronicles 99 con in February, Peter did not end up running in the recent London Marathon. Instead, he's been keeping busy auditioning for new roles and decorating a new house in the UK (a refurbished 17th century stone barn). Hopefully Peter has learned to keep paint brushes away from his nose!

Alma Mater

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama has a new website and Peter is listed on their page as a "recent success"!

Strange World logo

2 September 1999Strange World (including Peter's episodes!) is currently airing on TV3 in Ireland late Fridays or early Saturday mornings.

July 1999 — The Strange World Unofficial Fan Club has QuickTime videos of the previews for unaired episodes. If you don't blink, you can catch a glimpse of Peter in "Skin" (the car explosion scene). Note: You must have Apple's QuickTime Player installed in order to view these.

Updated 18 July 1999 — After only three episodes, ABC has pulled Strange World due to low ratings (the lowest rating ever for original programming in that timeslot, in fact). Producer Howard Gordon received a phone call from Peter offering condolonces. Rae from the Strange World Unofficial Fan Club passed on these tidbits from the conversation:

  • Howard definitely planned for Shepard to return in season two, in a bigger and meaner way — in all 22 episodes!
  • Peter was excited about coming back for a second season of the show as the 13th episode (the season finale) had given him a great role to play — he becomes the "Cancer Man" of Strange World! (Cancer Man is a shadowy and enigmatic villain on The X Files.)

Currently the producers are trying to get Strange World aired on another network, and sell it into international syndication. Visit the Strange World Unofficial Fan Club for regular updates on the campaign to revive the show.

Shepard episode change

March 1999 — Peter's episodes of Strange World have changed. Since they've moved Shepard's first appearance in "Skin," up from episode 8 to episode 6, it looks like some major editing is being done in post production — perhaps to satisfy all the fans writing in who don't want to wait 8 weeks to see Peter!

If duplicity has a name...

March 1999 — ... it must be Terrance??? Shepard's oh-so-British first name is revealed in "Age of Reason," the last Strange World episode filmed for this season. Hey, at least it's not Simon or Giles...

Peter takes to the stage in London!

March 1999 — Peter recently participated in a performance of Clifford Odets' play, Waiting for Lefty, on Thursday, March 4, at the Lyttelton Theatre at the National. NT2000 (National Theatre 2000) is a year-long series of platforms charting and celebrating the progress of drama through the 20th century, as represented by 100 plays. This particular evening featured an interview Odets' former wife, Luise Rainer — the first star ever to win the best-actress Oscar two years running, for The Great Ziegfeld (1936) and The Good Earth (1937). Extracts from the play were performed by Tracy-Ann Oberman and Peter.

Read an excerpt from Waiting for Lefty.

News from the Gathering con

October 1998 — Jim Byrnes confirmed that Peter recently tied the knot and couldn't attend the Gathering con (which took place the weekend of 16-18 October) because he was on his honeymoon in the Maldives (off the coast of India)! You can see a picture Peter and his new bride Carolyn when they attended the Highlander Celebration con in Anaheim earlier this year at Rene's State of CON-fusion.

Noah's Ark sails onto second season without Peter

September 1998 — Though the last season ended with Tom deciding to stick around and help his father's vet practice (not to mention, enjoy his new relationship with Clare), the show's second season began with a mention of Tom taking on a new job in Florida, USA. Clare and Noah wonder if they scared Tom away. Tom's mum explains that she didn't expect him to stick around because that's just the way he is. Clare eventually heads off to Africa to re-join her ex-husband!

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