"I don't have great career plans"
— Peter Wingfield, Anglicon 1997

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Miracle man

Miracle of the Cards cast photo

UPDATED 29 October 2001 — Peter will be appearing in The Miracle of the Cards, a TV movie on the PAX network about Craig Shergold, a kid responsible for millions of spam e-mail crossing the Internet. Peter plays Craig's father, Ernie Shergold. (Ernie??? Oh well, I guess since it's based on a true story, they're stuck with that name...)

Miracle executive producer Robert Woods wrote me to say that Peter "is wonderful in the part." (Gosh, does that mean Peter actually gets a big role in this one?! Cross your fingers!) He also passed along the lovely desktop-sized cast photo above. Enjoy! (L-R): Kirk Cameron (Josh), Peter Wingfield (Ernie Shergold), Catherine Oxenberg (Marion Shergold), Thomas Sangster (Craig Shergold) and Duncan Fraser (Dr. Middleton). Click on photo to see larger version.

Craig Shergold was a little boy dying of a brain tumor. He allegedly wanted to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for receiving the most greeting cards (it was actually his hospital that orchestrated the whole thing in the first place), so a plea went out across the world to send Craig cards. His plea to send cards (or modified versions of it) is still circulating even though Craig set the record on 16 November 1989!

Wedding dress

UPDATED 18 August 2001 — Peter in drag again? Er, no. Peter will be appearing in The Wedding Dress, a TV movie about the hands that a wedding dress passes through from the 1940s to the present. (Hmm, sounds like the critically acclaimed Canadian film, The Red Violin, which told the story of various owners of said musical instrument through the ages.) The Wedding Dress filmed from February 28 - March 28. Peter joined the production on March 5.

The Wedding Dress was announced as being a Showtime movie, but it looks like it will actually be airing on CBS. From CBS's Fall Preview:

Starring Tyne Daly, Margret Colin and Neil Patrick Harris. Follows a magical wedding dress that makes its way through the lives of five different couples as it changes their lives, while transcending the barriers of race, class and age. Renowned designer Vera Wang provided several of her own creations for the film.

It will also be airing in the UK. From Carlton International:

Photographer Travis Cleveland wants Cass, his fashion model fiancee, to wear the hand-stitched wedding gown that has been in his family for years, but she refuses. When Travis' car with the rejected dress in its trunk is stolen, it sets in motion a train of events that has the dress passing in and out of the hands of a number of couples. Somehow, the dress acts as a catalyst that helps bring lovers together, before ending up back with Travis who finally realises that it is his assistant, Zoey, who he really loves. Starring Tyne Daly (Judging Amy, Cagney and Lacey) and Margaret Colin (Three Men and a Baby, Pretty in Pink).

Specific airdates haven't been announced yet, but it's believed that CBS will show it sometime in September.

Going right

The Bridesmaid/Going Wrong by Ruth Rendell

10 August 2001 — Why wish for Peter reading the phone book when you can now hear him on tape? This past June, BBC Audio released an audio book of two BBC Radio dramatisations of novels by mystery writer Ruth Rendell: The Bridesmaid and Going Wrong. Peter played Guy Curran in Going Wrong waaay back in 1991 for BBC Radio 4. Thanks to Okka for the noticing this!

Night life

UPDATED 24 June 2001 — Peter will be appearing in an episode of the new Fox horror anthology series Night Visions. Originally set to debut October 2000, the series was pushed back to January 2001 (because, according to SciFi Weekly, Fox didn't have enough marketing resources to launch the show!), then pushed back again to summer 2001. According to Fox's website:

In the eerie style of The Twilight Zone, this gripping anthology series creeps from horror to psychological drama to supernatural adventure, never letting up until the final bizarre plot twist. Hosted by edgy musician-turned-actor Henry Rollins, Night Visions challenges notable directors and guest stars to push the limits of their imaginations — and yours.

Each week, a new character will be subjected to the unknown tortures of their own mind. The vignettes play upon basic human fears, but are sure to linger in memory long after the credits roll.

Each weekly episode of Night Visions will consist of two half-hour stories. Peter's episode is called "Still Life." No word on what role Peter is playing yet, but hopefully he won't be a doctor!

The two-hour series premiere will debut on Thursday, July 12 at 8 pm EST. The series will then air the following weeks at 9 pm EST.

Enemy of the Gate

UPDATED 14 July 2001 — Peter didn't appear in that episode as expected. Fans are speculating that Tanith may reappear either in a mid-season two-parter called "Summit" (episodes 13 and 14) or the season 5 finale.

Stargate is now shooting its fifth (and apparently last) season, but ironically, back in 1997 at the Sector 14 convention, Peter told fans that he didn't think Stargate would work as a TV show!

  • Stargate season 5 - Mini-spoilers (i.e. so vague that you don't have to worry about being spoiled unless you're extremely anal about not knowing anything beforehand) and behind the scenes info on "Enemies" and "Threshold," the episode that follows.

Hear, hair here

Peter tries to grow a goatee. (Pic by Erilyn Click to see larger image.)

UPDATED 7 May 2001 — Erilyn sent this picture of the newly goatee-ed Peter. Barely noticeable, ain't it? At Highlander DownUnder 4, Peter complained about being unable to grow hair on his cheeks. (Me wonders how this is a bad thing.) Erilyn describes the pic:

On Saturday, while Elizabeth Gracen and Peter were on stage together, she stripped off his longsleeved blue shirt (in his hand), to be auctioned (as he sent a shirt to be auctioned last year when he couldn't make it to the con), with Peter protesting futilely. Underneath the shirt was this tshirt, which she then got off him as well, to find another tshirt, reading "I'm easily amused" with a picture of Peter on it. The shirt and both tshirts were auctioned off over the weekend.

  • Highlander DownUnder mailing list - Check the Files area of this YahooGroup for con reports and tons of pics. In some of them, Peter's proto-goatee actually looks more... there.

New Peter interviews

7 April 2001 — iF magazine has an multi-part interview with Peter.

The frog prince?

20 February 2001 — At last, we get to kiss a frog and have it turn into Peter... The PWFC reports that Peter will be acting with Princess Leia's mom, Debbie Reynolds, in an upcoming Disney Channel movie. He plays frogs who get turned into a human (or is that humans, plural?). After some digging (thanks Google!) I found out that the movie is Return to Halloweentown, a sequel to a Disney Channel 1998 TV movie called (unsurprisingly) Halloweentown. According to the Disney press release:

Disney Channel charms witches, ghouls and kids alike in Return to Halloweentown. Kimberly J. Brown (Tumbleweeds) reprises her role as Marnie in the bewitching sequel to the Halloween favorite. Grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) sweeps Marnie and Sophie off to Halloweentown to investigate a series of strange occurrences. When they arrive, the vibrant community seems to have lost its magic. The citizens, including the gargoyles, are gray and boring. It isn't long before Aggie discovers that her spell book is stolen and the trio decides to set out and find it. They discover that an angry warlock has taken the book and plans to permanently turn every human into whatever costume they are wearing at midnight on Halloween. It's a race against time, as Marnie must use her skills to defeat the young warlock threatening to change Halloweentown for eternity. Return to Halloweentown begins production in February and will premiere in October 2001.

The website has a review of the first Halloweentown movie:

Halloweentown stars Debbie Reynolds as a Witch. This was a cute lil Disney movie. I thought I'd hate it, but it was better than I expected. Debbie's character comes from another world called Halloweentown where everyday is (obviously) Halloween. She makes her annual visit to earth not just to visit her daughter and grandchildren, but to get help from them because her world is in danger. A "Warlock" being is there. Anyway, the mother of the children is a Witch and her kids are starting to get powers, also. But she wants to raise them as "regular" people, not Witches. So Granny Witch boards the bus back to Halloweentown thinking she has no face this Warlock alone, but the kids have sneaked on, too. Will Halloweentown be saved? I'm not telling.

  • Halloweentown — the Disney site with games, ghoulish recipes and other things that are supposed to amuse kids.

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