"Peter Wingfield is one of those totally infuriating types..."
The Edmonton Sun TV Magazine, 4 Oct 1998

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The Edmonton Sun TV Magazine
4 October 1998


I'm curious about Peter Wingfield, who played Methos on the Highlander series. I would like to see more of him, but I find he is as elusive as the characters he has played. Any information on his career, birthdate and so on would be much appreciated.

B.G. Edmonton


Born in Cardiff, Wales on Sept. 5, 1962, Peter Wingfield is one of those totally infuriating types who seems to be good at everything. Don't you just hate that?

A national trampoline champion? Who knew there was so much trampoline competition in Wales. It's not that Q&A keeps up with trampoline, but we've never known Wales to be a hotbed of trampoline. Where are the hotbeds for trampoline anyway? And just what is the nature of a trampoline competition? Forgive me, we digress as usual.

Wingfield trained to be a doctor at Oxford, but decided to chuck the medical career virtually at the last minute and pursue acting. Boy, I bet that was a happy day at the Wingfield family home. Good thing they had a trampoline in the backyard where they could bounce away their frustrations.

Wingfield trained at the National Youth Theatre in Wales and then at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He made his British television debut in the 1991 drama Antonia and Jane. He went on to play lead roles in three more TV dramas: Medics, Soldier Soldier and The Men's Room.

In 1992, Wingfield landed the role in Highlander, one of the more popular syndicated dramas on the planet. Other film credits include Uncovered, Murder in Mind, Degas and Pissarro Fall Out, Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty, Nice Day at the Office, The Lifeboat, Crocodile Shoes, Martin Chuzzlewit, Over Here and Noah's Ark. Virtually all of these credits are on British television and only a few, like Crocodile Shoes and The Men's Room, have crossed the Atlantic.

Wingfield remains quite the athlete — he ran the 1997 London Marathon in just over three and a half hours. We're not sure if he is still a competitive trampoliner.

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