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Cold Squad - Episode guide

Below is a guide to the Cold Squad episodes featuring Peter. The episode titles reflect the name of the murder victim in that episode.

Season 2

12. Jane Doe, Part 1

Guest cast: Clark Johnson (Derek Clark). Toronto native Johnson plays another homicide cop, Detective Meldrick Lewis, on Homicide: Life on the Street.

The grisly discovery of a badly decomposed body leads to suspicions about a 20-year-old killing spree.

13. Jane Doe, Part 2

As an investigation into a 20-year-old killing spree continues, the Cold Squad is rocked by murder and internal strife.

14. Edmund Kritch

The Cold Squad reopens a 26-year-old investigation following the discovery of a missing businessman's mummified body. This episode was aired out of order after "Dwayne Douglas Smith."

15. Stanley Caron

Guest cast: Tom Braidwood (motel manager). Braidwood is an assistant director and plays the Lone Gunman Frohike on The X-Files.

Ali gets word that a recently released juvenile may be a young serial killer on the loose.

16. Merve Doucette

A shocking twist is uncovered when Ali and Tony investigate the unsolved murder of a retired teacher.

17. Marcey Bennett

Ali turns a presumably solved case into a cold case when new forensic tests cast doubt on exactly who murdered a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

18. Chantal LaMorande

Ali reopens a 34-year-old murder investigation when a drunk is arrested carrying an important clue.

19. Willy Santayana

The apparent suicide of a young offender while in police custody triggers a painful memory for Tony.

20. Dwayne Douglas Smith

A petty thief offers new evidence concerning the unsolved 1991 murder of the owner of a fleet of two trucks.

21. Marilyn Larson

A woman's repressed memories emerge, implicating her father in the death of her sister.

22. The Kowalchuk Boy

Pictures of a child thought murdered shows up on a pornography site.

23. Douglas Somerset

A corpse exposed at a construction site turns out to be an Anglican priest who got a young native girl pregnant then subsequently got HER daughter pregnant!

24. Bobby Johnson

Ali tries to prove an abused child was murdered by his stepfather before the child's younger sister shares his fate.

26. Nancy Seniuk

The murder of a bag lady is tied to corruption in the higher echelons of the Squad.

Season 3

27. Deadly Games, Part 1

Guest cast: Jim Byrnes (!!!) as new recurring character, bar owner Dick Hofstedder.

When Ross has Ali transferred out of Cold Squad, she leaves in a rage and hits a 14-year-old boy in her car. Ali claims that he was shooting at her, but his influential parents refuse to believe her and she becomes the focus of an Internal Affairs investigation.

28. Deadly Games, Part 2

The Squad tries to find proof that the 14-year-old boy was sold guns.

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