"I always play bad guys."
— Peter Wingfield

Wingfield Dr Helm

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The Men's Room
Soldier, Soldier
Six Characters in Search of an Author
Trust Me
Stella Artois
The Lifeboat
Alun Lewis
Degas and Pissarro Fall Out
Martin Chuzzlewit
Crocodile Shoes
Murder in Mind
Into the Fire
A Very Open Prison
Over Here
Murder Most Horrid
Call My Bluff
Highlander: The Series
Noah's Ark
The Sentinel
Cold Squad
Strange World
Waiting for Lefty
Cold Feet
The Outer Limits
The Man Who Used To Be Me
Stargate SG-1
Highlander: Endgame
Queen of Swords
The Chris Isaak Show
First Wave

Excuse the mess. This was the section in most dire need of a clean-up and reorganization. As you can see, it's still very much a work in progress, but hopefully information is easier to find now and this section will grow into one of the more detailed and entertaining guides to Peter's work on the web.

Each show/film/other will include one or more of the following:

Episode guide: Summaries and reviews of the Peter-episodes in a series.

Transcripts: Script excerpts, transcripts from TV, or really detailed summaries.

Media: Desktop wallpaper, sound and video files and other multimedia.

Gallery: Links to publicity stills and screencaps in the Gallery section of this site.

In print: Links to related articles in the In Print section of this site.

Wingfield on the web: Links to related official and fan websites.

The following sites also cover many of Peter's works:

Winging It
Tons of screen captures from a whole lotta Peter's works. Great for seeing some of Peter's more obscure things.

For Pete's Sake!
A listing of Peter's roles with links to Internet Movie Database (IMDb) pages where they exist. Also has a very nice pic of Peter from the Chronicles 99 con.

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